Meiji shrine of lifting “Declaration of a State of Emergency” 緊急事態宣言後の明治神宮

Even after of “Declaration of a State of Emergency” in April 7th, anyone could enter Meiji Shirine except for Inner Garden. I had visited Meiji Shrine, especially North Pond and Lawn in front of Treasury Meseum, almost every day.

However, Meiji Shrine regulated visiting the places except for Main Shrine between April 27th and May 26th, the lifted day of “Declaration of a State of Emergency”.

I visited the shrine to get relaxed around North Pond and Lawn in the evening of May 28th.

Main Shrine
North Pond and Lawn
It began to rain suddenly.
Takeshita Street recovered from few people during “Declaration of a State of Emergency”

I, living in Tokyo, received Two AbenoMasks, cotton-mask provided by central government, on the day of lifting “Declaration of a State of Emergency”

It took almost two months to received two masks since Japanese Prime minister declared providing two masks for each family in April fool day, April 1st.

During the period, many masks are stocked in any pharmacy shops. Therefore, the majority of Japanese believe that the expense of 46.6 billion yen ($430 million) is useless and will have budget pressure for taxpayers.

Quick decisions and actions are required for such emergencies.





杭菊花3g, 枸杞子3g  眼機能低下予防

忍冬 3g  風邪予防

女貞子 3g  肌美容

熟黄精 3g  熟地黄 3g 肉従蓉 3g  ユンケルにも入っています。


Introduction about myself

I, Yoshi Miyano, will write not only about informatics in Aerospace Industry but also about my interests such as health, traveling and linguistics. Comments about aerospace industry are based on my indivisula opinions not coming from company that I belong to.

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