Yoron Island, 与論島、鹿児島

Yoron island in Kagoshima Prefecture is the best resort place in clean sea water, much better than Okinawa, Ishigaki, Miyakojima.

It takes only 35-minute flight from Naha Airport, 2-hour in taking ferry from Motobu, Okinawa.

The best place in the island is Yurigahama, which is the land at a low tide during a limited period between spring and autumn. It takes 3000yen in round trip each person to go to the island by boat.

Gate to Yurigahama, 1.5 km from there. August,2020
Yurigahama. August, 2020
Yurigahama. August 2020
Beach near Yoron Airport. August, 2020

ShuriSoba Okinawa Noodle in Naha

Shuri Soba Okinawa Noodle near Shuri castle is very popular not only for tourists but for locals. Even in July before Japanese summer vacation, many people visited this shop.

Okinawa noodle is the first choice. Most of visitors order “Jushi” rice with noodle.

Shuri Soba shop in July 2020
Noodle Large size in 600yen. 500 yen set of Slimmered “NItsuke” and “Onigiri” rice


Shirokuma Shave ice in Kagoshima

Shirokuma shave ice with condensed milk is very popular in Kagoshima. Mujyaki in Tennmonkan area is the first choice. However several shops prepare for variety of Shirokuma ices.

Mujyaki in Tenmonkan. March 2020.
Mujyaki in July 2020
Mujyaki in March 2020.
Yanagawa ice shop in Tenmonkan
Sugaku Cafe in front of Kagoshima Municipal building

Japanese Tourists do not visit Shurijo Castle Park, Okinawa.

Most of visitor for Shuri castle are foreign tourists especially Chinese and Korean. By COVID-19 and bad relationship with Korea, almost visitors are Japanese or foreigners living in Japan. Tourists do not visit the park especially main buildings even though tourists can officially travel between prefectures since June 19, 2020. Probably they are not interested in burn-out castle in 2019.

Shuri Castle in June 2020
Shuri Castle in July 2020
Shuri castle park in June 2020
Stone street near Shuri castle park in July 2020
Shuri castle in July 2020

Even Japanese tourists will not return to downtown area of Naha, Okinawa, any more.

Japanese government has officially allowed tourists to travel between prefectures, fter June 19th, 2020. Even after this day, the half of shops in Kokusai street in Naha were closed because they have targeted foreign tourists especially Chinese tourists.

Most of flights to Haha has been full of Japanese passengers especially weekend. However, they stay in other area such as northern Okinawa without staying in Naha. Even Japanese tourists do not return to Naha any more, unless the shops in Kokusai focus on not only foreign tourist but Japanese.

Kokusai street, June 2020
Kokusai street, July 2020
Nouren Plaza shopping mall in June 2020.
Breakfast in Hotel Sunpalace Kyuuyoukan

Kirishima Kanko Hotel (霧島観光ホテル)

I stayed at Kirishima Kanko Hotel 4 times in March, May and June this year. This hotel relatively provides reasonable prices in Kirishima Hotspring compared with Kirishima Hotel and Kirishima Kokusai Hotel. Especially, staying in weekday between Monday and Thursday is much cheaper than in weekend. I paid 17,500 yen per night, in weekday price, for two, including dinner and breakfast.

This Hotel provides Japanese Kaiseki-style dinner and buffet breakfast. Breakfast is on average.

I recommend taking outdoor baths in Northern building rather than larger bathes in Central building.

Shochu, Japanese Sake. 1500yen for 1.5 hours per person
Apettizer of Dinner in June
Raw fish, Sashimi, of Dinner in June
ShabuShabu of Dinner in June
Dinner in May. Dinner in May was much better than in March and June.
Breakfast in May. For coronavirus pandemic, hotel didn’t provide buffet breakfast.