Hydrogen and NGV(Natural Gas Vehicle) stocks

I’m monitoring the listed companies for Hydrogen and NGV(natural gas vehicle). Hydrogen is potential energy to produce electricity, which will be next generation as FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle) after EV(Electricity vehicle). Many governments, including California, promote FCV or EV to eliminate CO2 production. Electricity battery is not only applied into automobile but also into airplane, ship, even spacecrafts, meaning that hydrogen energy must be key issue for MaaS(Mobility as a Service).

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I estimate that NGV(natural gas vehicle) will be much more attracted between 2025 and 2030 than EV and FCV. Half of energy is coming from natural gas to produce electricity or hydrogen which works for EV or FCV. Using natural gas directly is much more efficient than using electricity or hydrogen which is transferred from the gas. Experts with technology background notice that NGV is much better than EV or FCV, while investors focus on middle-term profit.

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