Kirishima Kanko Hotel (霧島観光ホテル)

I stayed at Kirishima Kanko Hotel 4 times in March, May and June this year. This hotel relatively provides reasonable prices in Kirishima Hotspring compared with Kirishima Hotel and Kirishima Kokusai Hotel. Especially, staying in weekday between Monday and Thursday is much cheaper than in weekend. I paid 17,500 yen per night, in weekday price, for two, including dinner and breakfast.

This Hotel provides Japanese Kaiseki-style dinner and buffet breakfast. Breakfast is on average.

I recommend taking outdoor baths in Northern building rather than larger bathes in Central building.

Shochu, Japanese Sake. 1500yen for 1.5 hours per person
Apettizer of Dinner in June
Raw fish, Sashimi, of Dinner in June
ShabuShabu of Dinner in June
Dinner in May. Dinner in May was much better than in March and June.
Breakfast in May. For coronavirus pandemic, hotel didn’t provide buffet breakfast.

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