Reishi Mashroom, Ganoderma lingzhi, 霊芝

I added Reishi Mashroom for daily Chinese Herbal tea, in order to improve my immune system. Reishi mashroom has been as expensive as gold since China dynasties, but the artificial cultivation that succeeded in 1970s decreased the prices. Currently, Reishi is widely cultivated in Japan.


My updated herbal tea is including
Chrysanthemum Flower 菊花
Lycium Fruit 枸杞子
Glossy Privet Fruit 女貞子
Solomonseal Rhizome 黄精
Rehmannia Root 熟地黄
Cistanche Herb 肉蓯蓉
Ganoderma lingzhi 霊芝
Honeysuckle Stem 忍冬

If I feel fever, I add the following two herbs.
Forsythia Fruit 連翹
Platycodon Root 桔梗

Chinese Herbal Tea with Reishi

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